In the summer term children from Foundation Stage to year 6 were visited by beekeeper, John Howe. Howe has been keeping bees for 11 years. Before moving to Totnes, he founded what is now New York City’s largest beekeeping group, keeping bees himself on the roofs of sky scrapers!
The children watched an age appropriate presentation about the importance of bees in our eco-system, along with the threats to their population. It also showed them how honey gets from the hive to the jar that we eat. John’s extensive experience in education clearly showed through in his communication with our children.

Then the children took part in a number of bee related activities.
Children were fascinated by the observation hive! They could see the colony at work, and they searched for the queen bee.
We found out about beekeeping equipment.
In another popular activity, children dressed up as bees and beekeepers to encourage their imaginations. In this role play the beekeepers came up with questions and then interviewed the bees to find out more about them.
In the autumn term, he returned to school so our children could use their creative skills to decorate hives. They chose designs inspired by nature, including bees, flowers, trees, mushrooms, clouds, suns and rainbows. John Howe belongs to Little Bee People, the group that will be taking care of the bees, at Castle Meadow in Totnes.
Pictured above are the artists Cecile, Asha, Fynn, Ollie, James, Indra, Finley and India,
along with Forest School leader Karen Wallis and beekeeper John Howe.

Below are their striking designs.
For more information about John’s work please go to
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For example, on how he plans to approach the English school system with his expertise developed in the USA