Dartington Primary School and Nursery Case Study
How our school is celebrated by Community Playthings in their international publications

When the Head teacher with her leadership team communicate their vision successfully, the results can be amazing. Calm, studious, sometimes exuberant, the atmosphere here made us want to go back to school. Trees, grass and a stream outside, wooden furniture inside – childhood celebrated.

"The vision for learning which
guided the design and layout
of our new school was to blend
the indoors and outdoors,
minimising the barriers
between them.
The Community Playthings
furniture helped us create calm
beauty within each classroom.

Jill Mahon
Head teacher
Dartington C of E Primary

How one forest school blends indoors and out

What do you think of when you hear the name Dartington – a cider mill or stoneware? I think of Dartington Primary and Nursery School. Their new school is designed to minimise the barriers between outdoors and indoors. Jill Mahon, the Head teacher, wanted each classroom to be an uplifting space. They are. Visiting there recently it felt like coming home. When I mentioned this to Jill, her reply was: “Dartington should feel like home to you. We were inspired by your resources and our shared ideals to create a wonderful place for learning!”

The unique layout of this school could raise some eyebrows.

      Community Playthings design learning environments, furniture and resources in order to inspire and entice learners.
      We worked very closely with them when we created our new school, focusing on blending indoors and outdoors, natural materials
      and communication friendly spaces. Vist their website using the link below.