There is outstanding care and support for pupils, who consequently feel very safe. Several parents told inspectors that this is the greatest strength of the school.
The school’s work in providing strong emotional support for pupils is widely regarded as exemplary, and several other schools use Dartington as a model.
Ofsted 2016
We are very proud to define Dartington as a THRIVE school. For us this means that we have THRIVE embedded within our whole school ethos and THRIVE approaches across our whole setting.
Our journey towards being a THRIVE school, with the true quality that this represents to us, has been lengthy, beginning in 2011 where the school, along with the Totnes Learning Community, made a commitment to work towards being a THRIVE Learning Community.
From these shared beginnings Dartington has continued to drive towards a vision of THRIVE being at the heart of our ethos and approaches so that all pupils are supported holistically and all staff have a shared understanding and approach.
All of our staff are THRIVE Licensed Practitioners and two are additionally Action Plan Mentors and Trainers. We therefore have a broad base of trained staff and a model that provides not only sustainability, but a broad horizon for what might be achieved within our provision for the benefit of all pupils and our whole school community.

The school is used as a model for the quality of its care. Staff from other schools visit the school to see the effective support, for example that offered within the school’s ‘Harbour’ facility.

Ofsted 2016