Reading is at the heart of our learning and teaching and essential to every area of the curriculum. It is through literacy that concepts are formed, and we are able to make sense of the world and our place in it. Children are taught to read in a variety of ways.

Early Years and Key Stage One

In this stage we use phonics as the strategy to help children read. We teach phonics and reading daily because in order to learn in the other subject areas, they need to be able to unlock the code. We use Read Write Inc as our phonics programme and each day children learn a new sound and learn how to blend the sounds to read words. There is more information available here

Alongside phonics we want children to develop a love of reading. We immerse ourselves in books, we use our library and we read books every day. We would ask parents to spend some time each day sharing a book with their child each day.

Years 3-6

We continue to build on their phonic skills but develop children’s fluency, comprehension skills and critical appreciation of texts to ensure that they are confident readers. We do this through daily Reading lessons where we teach whole class lessons on these skills. Children access a huge range of books and texts, including classic texts. We also share a class novel each day, spend time in our library and develop a love of reading with the children.